Take Action!

We must all play our part in defending wildlife. Whether walking in the countryside to monitor for law-breaking, joining wounded wildlife patrols, contacting authorities to demand protection for wildlife, or supporting groups like HIT, we can all play a part.

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The majority of the Moscar Estate’s traps and snares are placed on popular open access land where visitors freely walk and can legally monitor their use. Please check the sites when you visit to ensure that illegal wildlife persecution does not go undetected. See our page Traps of the Moscar Estate for full details.

The main trap in the Barlow Fox Hunt Investigation was set in private woodland (grid reference SK 29498 76623) but was visible from adjacent open access land at Greaves Piece – close to Owler Bar, Sheffield. Other traps were also found in the nearby hunt country.

Derbyshire Police state that snares: “must not be set where they are likely to catch non-target species, such as badgers, deer or otters (which are specially protected) and must be checked daily.”

They advise that: “If you are absolutely certain that an offence is being committed, photograph the trap or snare and spring it so that it cannot catch anything.”

As numerous Moscar Estate snare sites are set where they are likely to catch non-target species, we hope that Derbyshire Police will set a good example of enforcing wildlife legislation by demanding their removal.


The Peak District National Park  has been shown to be a perilous place for wildlife and a lucrative killing zone for hunters and shooters. We believe that National Parks should be havens for wildlife, and not the private playgrounds of hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

Please emphasise that:

  • Visitors to the Peak District want to see wildlife protected not persecuted;
  • Visitors do not want masked gunmen patrolling the Park killing wildlife;
  • Snares and traps cause indiscriminate terrible mental and physical suffering;
  • The Peak District’s iconic species – the Mountain Hare – is under attack from gamekeepers and this must be challenged;
  • Protected species such as badgers are being illegally persecuted;
  • Snaring and trapping are unregulated and this has allowed unacceptable crime and suffering for too long;
  • A badger cull in Derbyshire would be disastrous for local wildlife.


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