Take Action Against UK Fur Trapping

Be vigilant: Locals and visitors in Pembrokeshire DS Live fox in snaremust be alert for snares and traps. Monitor Sneade’s movements, snare sites and online trading. Sneade sets snares in the hedgerows of country lanes surrounding Newport and Nevern, spanning north and south from the A487. He concentrates additional efforts around nature reserves. We urge animal lovers elsewhere to monitor their own areas for traps and snares and report any suspicious activity.

CLICK HERE to contact the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority: Alert them to fox fur trapping in the National Park. Let them know that visitors will not tolerate wildlife persecution or fur trapping in this celebrated holiday destination.

CLICK HERE to contact the Wildlife Trusts of South and West Wales: Alert them to the snaring on their reserve boundaries, particularly around Pengelli and Cilgerran. Ask them to monitor closely to protect their nature reserves.

CLICK HERE to contact the Welsh Assembly: Demand a total ban on snaring in Wales.

CLICK HERE to contact your local MP: Ask them to campaign against snaring, fur trapping and fur sales in the UK.

CLICK HERE to support CAFT: Coalition Against the Fur Trade runs a dedicated grass-roots campaign against the fur trade throughout the UK. Get involved and support their campaigns.

CLICK HERE to join HSI’s #FurFreeBritain Campaign: The UK must ban fur trapping and fur sales, in line with its existing ban on fur farming. Join HSI’s campaign to end the fur trade in Britain for good.

CLICK HERE to support HIT’s work with a donation: Thankyou to all our supporters.

Above all… Get Active For Wildlife

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