Individual Trap Site Details

Here you can find the details and maps of specific sites which should be monitored for illegal wildlife persecution. Many snare and trap sites are positioned near active badger territory. Please note this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change – it is vital people keep checking and reporting their findings. Badgers, mountain hares and other wildlife are highly vulnerable.


Yorkshire Bridge snare site, where badgers have been repeatedly caught, yet around 46 snares remained. Resnared briefly in spring and winter 2018 and caught badgers both times. High risk to wildlife, runners and dogs.

Bamford snare site

Cutthroat Bridge snare site, close to Ladybower Nature Reserve, where badgers have been caught yet around 18 snares were left.

Cutthroat Snare site.jpg

Bole Hill and Dennis Knoll snare sites, set in active Mountain Hare territory.

Bole hill and DK snare sites

Ladybower snare sites, again in active badger territory.

Ladybower snare sites

Stanage Lodge snare site, again close to an active badger sett. Snares in rhodedendrons and on open moorland. High risk to runners and dogs.

Stanege Lodge snare sites.

Wyming Brook snare site, just meters from the SSSI Nature Reserve. Repeatedly snared.

Wyming Brook snare site.

Yet another Bamford snare site on active badger territory.

Bluebell wood snare site


Stanage trap, in the immediate vicinity of active badger territory. Disappeared early 2018 but may have been relocated.

Stanege LMT'sStanage LMT 3

Rivelin Valley traps, in the vicinity of badger latrines. Removed or relocated Nov 2017:

Rivelin LMT's

Wyming Brook traps, in the immediate vicinity of the SSSI Nature Reserve. Disappeared late 2017/early 2018 but may have been relocated.

Wyming Brook LMT's

Fulwood badger trap, in an area of documented badger persecution. Disappeared late 2017 but may have been relocated.

Brown Edge Farm LMT