We are calling on YOU to be #SnareAware. The more awareness we can raise and evidence we can gather, the sooner we can get these barbaric devices BANNED!

Snares are indiscriminate and inhumane devices used to trap animals. They are often used illegally and can cause catastrophic suffering. There is woefully inadequate regulation or enforcement of laws to protect animals from snaring.

In 2016, a majority of UK MPs voted to ban snaring outright. But the government ignored this, and chose instead to introduce an unregulated “Code of Practice” written by and for the shooting and farming fraternity. Since its introduction, there have been persistent breaches of the Code and of associated legislation. A damning catalogue of breaches has been documented by HIT.

In the past four years, snare users have been given ample opportunity to demonstrate voluntary compliance but have repeatedly proven themselves untrustworthy. We believe that snare users have proved that they are unable to self-regulate and unable to abide by their own rules.

We believe that an outright ban on snaring is the only answer.

Please see our compilation of evidence in the following pages including testimonies from many other organisations:

SnareAware: The evidence compiled by HIT

SnareAware: Account of badger rescue from the HSA

SnareAware: Statement from the Animal Welfare Party

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