South Herefordshire Hunt Investigation

Cub cage

In May 2016, the HIT uncovered shocking scenes from within the kennel complex of the South Herefordshire Hunt.

Members of the SHH were filmed with a supply of caged fox cubs, which they took one by one into the kennels full of hounds. The hounds were heard baying from within, and a human voice gave verbal encouragements to hunt. The cubs’ lifeless bodies were later taken from the kennels and dumped in the waste bins.

The cubs were taken from their mothers and thrown live to the pack, to instill in the hounds a bloodlust for hunting. This barbaric training ritual is used so that the the hounds are more effective in the next season.

Such cruelty is the hidden side of fox hunting and had never been exposed before. This investigation was groundbreaking. The HIT believes such practices are commonplace amongst fox hunts. It shows an intentional supply of foxes to train the hounds, outside of the main hunting season. This contradicts the myths perpetuated by the industry of trail hunting, accidental kills or fox population control.

Five members of the SHH were arrested following the HIT’s investigation and they remain on police bail until August 2017. We expect to see justice done for the cubs.

Please also see the exclusive report from a HIT investigator involved in the operation here: Vegan Life Article, Autumn 2016